Kristiansand flekkerøy

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Kristiansand flekkerøy

Post  IronMaiden on Thu 6 Nov 2008 - 23:10


im a german who lives in Kristiansand. im very interested in the 2nd worldwar.

can anyone here tell me or show me some cards where wehrmacht and others lived etc....

can anyone show me cards with good detail?

i know that in the island flekkerøy is a big Cannon.... the 2nd heaviest of the world...

thx.... and i know my english is not the best Razz


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Re: Kristiansand flekkerøy

Post  werner wernersen on Sat 8 Nov 2008 - 12:04


Ther is a lot to see in KRS and the soroundings, i would start at the Batteri Vara (Møvik kanonmuseum) when they are open you can ask them where the best places is, and they have a book for sale called Kystartleriet på Agder 1945-2000, where there is a listing of all military areas in Aust and vest Agder.


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