Lotte - volunteer women - Molde 1940

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Lotte - volunteer women - Molde 1940

Post  Bob Pearson on Mon 2 Mar 2009 - 0:25

During the bombing of Molde in 1940 there were reports of 'Lotte' women manning kitchens and providing food and blankets for the soldiers and residents. I presume these women are/were volunteers, perhaps similar to the Red Cross in some respects. Can anyone provide a better description of these volunteers? I have tried to google the name, but with little success.

Many thanks in advance,

Bob Pearson

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Re: Lotte - volunteer women - Molde 1940

Post  AltforNorge on Mon 2 Mar 2009 - 0:50

"Lotte" is a Finnish name. They called the females volounteers after Lotta Sværd, a female in the Finnish national epos. During the "Winterwar" ie the war between Finnland and USSR the Finnish female volounteers were made famous. In Norway - after model of the Finnish organisation - we also had such an organization established in 1928.

My mother served as a "Lotte" from 9. April 1940 till the Norwegian army surrendered in 1940. Then they were summoned again by the "Lensmann" (The local police sergeant) to cook for Norwegian soldiers who were held at a POW-camp established in her village. Thanks to that I am born. She met my father he was a POW.

For more information (I know you can read Norwegian) look here:

As you can see by the link, the Name "lotte" is considered a name of honour

Here is their "history"

Christmas Eve 1973 while serving in Northern Norway, my battery (Company in Artillery) all got chrismas presents from "Lottene i Narvik"

I have never had the opportunity to say thank you for the present, so I will do it here. Thank you for the knitted woollen socks and the chocolate.

I also must add that standing centry at the gate at Bardufoss flystasjon the night to Christmas Day - from 00 till 04 was the longest night in my life.

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