marine-artilleryschool on the island Rau°y

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marine-artilleryschool on the island Rau°y

Post  ulrich on Thu 27 Mar 2008 - 1:14

I have a question about the marine-artilleryschool on the island Rau°y in the Oslofjord. The german school-soldiers (MAA) are living at Rau°y and were brought by boot to outher ilands near by. There they were trained on severel types of guns.
The command I have here is: 4./ Marineartillerieabteilung 517, Fan÷e. But I think it is not possible because MAA 517 was in Finland.

I am searching for information about the names of the islands:

1. automatic guns 12 cm to 24? cm.

2. 15 cm Krupp C28

3. Swedisch Bofort-guns with ôstove-pipe-lockingö (Ofenrohrverschluss)

4. 17 cm gun, maybee from France.

Do you have other information about the marine-artilleryschool Rau°y?

Thanks for your help, chears



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