The German invasion of Norway; Geirr H Haarr

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The German invasion of Norway; Geirr H Haarr

Post  AltforNorge on Wed 26 Aug 2009 - 23:14

Mmm. Now reading page 260 of 474.

A very good book. Very fine photographs. Some of them new to the public.

The book is well written. Very good timelines.

Till now I have found only one incorrect item. He writes that 8 April at the Norwegian Bank, they started packing the goldreserve (i.e. what was not sent to US earlier). Packing 50 tons of gold in wodden crates during one day. A remarkable achievement! The gold was packed long before 8 April.

He advocates that 9 April. General mobilization should have been called. I disagree and hopefully during the weekend, I will post why I mean that mobilization of the field brigades was the only option.

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