Soviet troops Finnmark 1945

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Soviet troops Finnmark 1945

Post  Oyvind on Thu 27 May 2010 - 23:27

Soviet troops crossed into German occupied parts (Eastern Finnmark) of Norway in the fall of 1944 and drove the Germans out. They advanced to the river Tana and left Finnmark in September 1945.
There have been numerous rumours and telltales about these events ever since, ranging from a planned all out occupation of Norway, to need for icefree harbors in the north (Kola peninsula has many icefree harbors so that must be totally wrong and just express how people were subject to lack of knowledge and thus victims of rumors).
I have myself heard the latter from people who should know better when I served in the military in Finnmark in the early 60’s.
What has been established from Soviet archives, are that elements in Soviet foreign department and Military General Staff discussed the possibilities of keeping part of eastern Finnmark through annexation, leasing etc. to secure the flanks for searoutes to e,g Murmansk. This proposal never received the approval of Molotov or Stalin and the troops pulled back.
Soviet claims related to Spitsbergen forwarded in 1944, faded as well.
Moreover the Soviet strike was an event which took place in its own rights and was not part of a “plot”.
Does anyone know more about what the true story at the end of the day was?
Has there been new discoveries in old Soviet archives etc.


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