Franz Joseph Land & Novaya Zemlya operations

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Franz Joseph Land & Novaya Zemlya operations

Post  Black Hornet on Sun 28 Nov 2010 - 22:41

Anyone have data on German activity/operations in these Islands?

During WWII, Germany used to operate a couple of weather stations in the Arctic. One was located on Alexanderland, the western-most island of the Franz-Josef-Land archipelago. Beginning of July 1944, a doctor should do a parachute jump to the station from a FW 200, but the pilot decided to land. It came as it had to, on the very rough territory the Condor´s undercarriage became damaged. Subsequently, Oblt. Möhring with his V-2 was ordered to drop some spare parts to have the FW 200 repaired. In the evening of July 8th, 1944, Möhring took off at Billefjord. In the midnight sun, he dropped the his load, and then returned in the early morning. On July 11th, the FW 200 managed to take off again, thus evacuating the wheather station´s whole crew to Banak. This action was called "Operation Schatzgräber (= "treasure digger")" (Text WG, identity of the pilot from and aircraft from, timetable from

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