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Post  Bob Pearson on Fri 16 Aug 2013 - 18:52

Whilst on holiday in Canada we came across a sign to 'Little Norway Memorial'. We followed the signs and eventually came across a provincial airfield. Directly beside the single runway was a new building and part of this building housed the memorial to Norwegians who served there during WW2. None of the old buildings survive, but the runway appears to be the same.

Inside the memorial building, I was allowed to take photos of the exhibits that adorn the walls. Essentially, I was taking pictures of pictures. However, there was also a plaque listing all those who had served and were later lost. There is also a very useful, if small, library housing Norwegian and English language books. Norwegian visitors are not uncommon with quite a few searching for details on their relatives who served there.

If anyone would like copies of those images I would be more than happy to mail them or send via DropBox.

As an aside, the area in which the airfield is located is called Muskoka. It is a beautiful area and very much like Norway with stunning lake vistas not unlike fjords. The Norwegians stationed there must have felt quite at home. The nearest town is only a few kilometres away and is called Granvenhurst. The airfield is located beside Highway 11.


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Post  Opaque Hornet on Fri 20 Sep 2013 - 1:49

Wow, interesting historical data. Nice of you to offer. I'm American, but of mostly Norwegian descent, so collect Norwegian Military books mostly. As an asides, I grew up in Utah & a few yrs ago I met a female Tribal leader who told me an interesting story about a Norwegian visitor to the area. The Utes & Navajos were having some sort of dispute, & the way they would handle it was by having their 2 best warriors go at it, ( as opposed to having hundreds die), & the Navajo was really big & none of the Utes wanted to volunteer, so the visiting Norwegian said; I'll do it. So he went in & to be polite, "took care of biz" with the big Navajo, & that was the end of it.

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