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Post  Robert Mårtensson on Thu 14 Nov 2013 - 19:01

just to add to the row of unanswered questions, I got a mail from England with questions about how to find info about a specific Norwegian man who was active during the war (I'll include the letter at the end).
Do any of you have any experience in dealing with Norwegian archives and museums?
Which are good for finding info about specific individuals?
Which are service minded and which are not?
Do they answer to letters?
Do they answer to email?

Robert M

the letter (which also included copy of a really cool claim form, where he claimed money for his civilian stuff that was lost on mobilization (in Askim?))
Franz Egil Hansen

Several of us are trying to get together a few stories of friends and relatives during WW2 to publish in a book to be sold privately in our community with profits going to charity. The idea is to show the oncoming generation what their forebears had to suffer. As my father used to live in Norway (he was English though) and ended his days in Denmark, I have been chosen to research Norwegian friends, etc.
My mother, who is still alive, remembers a young man from Oslo or Moss who was in the Artillery during WW2 but contracted renal tuberculosis as a result of living rough sometime during the war and sadly died in 1949 aged about 35. We can find very little about him, Franz Egil Hansen, apart from his death certificate which shows he died on 14th June 1949 at Moss. We also know his Soldier No. as 961/35 A.R.I. from a Claim he made on archive S-1056 (attached). From this we are trying to work out where he was and it seems he was in Askim and went over to Fossum Bridge under Captain Sollie. Then his company seemed to go over the border to Sweden on 13th April 1940. On 28th September that year it seems he made a claim for missing socks etc. from Moss in Norway, but history books say the Regiment stayed in Sweden for the rest of the war. Are you able to help us on this? My mother always says that when he came back he and others escaped to the mountains and lived as partisans – rough in the wild. Do you know anything about soldiers doing this? We would love to understand more what actually happened.
We think too that Franz was quite a long time in a hospital or sanitorium for tuberculosis and would love to know where to search to see if there is still a ‘Patients List’ at any hospital. Obviously the more illustrations we can add the better and maybe there is a picture somewhere of the hospital! We haven’t got a photo of Franz unfortunately, only his mother and sisters. Are there any census lists on Norwegian Archives that we can search to see where he may have been living before or after the war? Would I be able to find any photos of any typical soldiers from the Artillery in WW2?
I have another question too! Sorry to ask so much. I remember (but I was only a young girl at the time) we had a friend in the 1950’s and 60’s called Astrid Iversen (Oslo, born 22nd February, 1902). She used to speak with horror of the time she was in Grini during WW2. I think she was taken prisoner (Prisoner No. 6265) because her brother, Joffi, was in the Resistance. I believe he was eventually captured too and taken prisoner, but we don’t know any more about him. I have tried writing to the Grini Museum but have had no response, but I just want to know a bit about what conditions were like there, etc. I believe she had to wash the shirts of the Germans and ate out of old sardine tins. I think too, one time she was forced to watch some young Resistance men being shot, but I know nothing more.
Sorry to ask so many questions. Please let me know if you think you can fill me in with what happened?
Many thanks and Kind Regards

Pam Barter

Tel. 01935 475930
Yeovil, England
Robert Mårtensson
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Post  TomJonas on Mon 18 Nov 2013 - 17:16

Generally speaking, the Norwegian National Archive (Riksarkivet) is rather restrictive in giving access to much of their material unless you are a professional Historian. Names from WW2 still seems to be a very sensitive issue in Norway. But I recommend that you mail and ask. Sometimes they might give some help. e-mail:

You should also try the Hjemmefrontmuseum (The museum of Norway during the war) The have a good archive and might help. e-mail:


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Post  Bob Pearson on Wed 20 Nov 2013 - 12:35

Hi Pam,

I will contact you via telephone


Bob Pearson
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