Sabotage in Norway

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Sabotage in Norway Empty Sabotage in Norway

Post  bernardoconnor on Mon 18 Nov 2013 - 21:06

Having researched Brickendonbury Manor, a requisitioned country house and estate near Hertford, UK, which was used by the SIS and then the SOE for training agents in industrial sabotage, I've published 'Churchill's School for Saboteurs' (Amberley Publishing, 2013). Whilst it includes a chapter on the Brickendonbury trained Norwegians who were parachuted or Shetland bussed into Norway to attack Vemork, my research on other sabotage missions has been published as Sabotage in Norway' ( ). Based on SOE files in the National Archives in Kew, it includes accounts of sthe successes and failures of attacks on Norway's industrial, transport, shipping, military and telecommunication infrastructure during WW2.
Any additions/deletions would be appreciated and incorporated into the next edition.


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Sabotage in Norway Empty Re: Sabotage in Norway

Post  Opaque Hornet on Thu 10 Apr 2014 - 23:23

This is a decent book on such. Not better than 2 eggs on My Plate, but pretty good. He blew up a load of stuff. Fuel oil, 60.000 ball bearings, 2 explosives plants.

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