Saddest news about our moderator, Bjørn. RIP.

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Saddest news about our moderator, Bjørn. RIP. Empty Saddest news about our moderator, Bjørn. RIP.

Post  Admin on Thu 28 Aug 2014 - 1:13

This is from Bjørns facebookpage today:
Dear friends of Bjorn - now the mouth has quit asking, the eyes quit examinating and the ears quit listening. Bjørn died this afternoon. He was not alone when he died, and he has not been alone during his periode of illness. Thank you for all visits, convesations, messages, gifts and good thoughts, that was strengthening! He never lost the fight against cancer - every day he won small and large victories. Let us remember him with joy and give thanks to the fact tthat he came into our lives and continue to be there - Rastafari!

Today I lost one of my best friends, a friend who's been there even since I started up Nuav in 1999. Months after I started the website, he called me, a dark voice with northern dialect presented himself as Bjørn Jervås and asked if he could be of any help in my newly founded website. This resulted in years with countless phonecalls and hours of discussion and most of all, laughter. Bjørn had a great sense of humor, so typical of northerners. We met only a couple times, since he lived in Bodø and I in Bergen, but still I regard us as very close friends. What maybe most of you don't know, is that Bjørn was also a very talented musician! He was in countless bands, among them was Manna, Norways best known reggae band. He was a percussionist and song writer, but could handle many other instruments as well. He was a rastafari to the bone, and was vegetarian and had long, rastafari hair.....the last one you would expect was an expert on ww2 coastal forts, Nasjonal samling and countless of more narrow fields of Norwegian history.
He shared it all with us; His music, his sense of humor and his vast knowledge. This is something the cancer can't destroy. Neither can it destroy all the fine memories he left behind. I will miss our hour long conversations, and never again will that dark voice from the North give me call and talk about all or nothing. Never again will he moderate Nuav's forum and never again shall I receive long articles from him.
I'm so glad and honoured to have been one of his many friends. Hope to see you again somewhere.
May you rest in peace, my very good friend.
Kurt Monsen


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Saddest news about our moderator, Bjørn. RIP. Empty Very sad indeed

Post  kaii on Thu 2 Oct 2014 - 3:51

RIP Bjørn, thanks for the ride and thanks for your contributions to this forum.

All the best to his family and friends.



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