German Destroyers visit Norway & off Iceland 1938

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German Destroyers visit Norway & off Iceland 1938

Post  Opaque Hornet on Wed 24 Sep 2014 - 23:11

Max Schulze, Georg Ziele & Richard Beitzen go to Iceland & Norway.

made a port visit to Ulvik, Norway in April 1938, together with her sisters Z2 Georg Thiele and Z4 Richard Beitzen. Upon her return she was taken in hand by Deutsche Werke to have her bow rebuilt to reduce the amount of water that came over the bow in head seas. This increased her length by .3 meters (1 ft 0 in). The ship participated in the August Fleet Review and the following fleet exercise. In December, Max Schultz, together with her sisters Leberecht Maass]], Georg Thiele, and Richard Beitzen, sailed to the area of Iceland to evaluate their seaworthiness in a North Atlantic winter with their new bows.

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