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Post  hpt on Mon 2 Oct 2017 - 8:50

Hello to fellow members.

I must apologise for having been silent for some years (!!!), but my wife died after a long sickness and I have been very busy.

However, I am now back at work on my book (no longer just a magazine article!) on Quisling's Foerergarden and I am desperate for help from those members who have information (and pictures) of these men!

If anyone can help, I will of course give them a credit in the book.

So to start, let me ask 3 basic questions:

1. How was FG formed? The formation date is of course 1 February 1942, but who and how many men were enrolled in the unit that day? Were they men from the Rikshird Vakt? I have read that there were 70 men at the start, but did this include the 30/40 cadets from the Hirdskole in Leira, or were they forced to join soon afterwards?

2. How many men were in the FG? There are many different reports, almost all vague, such as from 50/60 - 100 - 125 - a maximum of 250 (except 80 for 24 September 1942 - they day they received their rifles). I am trying to find a) the number of members at specific dates, ideally separated between staff and guards, and b) the total number of men who served in the unit from 1 February 1942 to 8 May 1945 (again, separate figures would be ideal).

3. Guards (not officers and NCOs) were allocated membership numbers and I have found some 150 numbers to go with names at the Riksarkiv. But I do not understand how the numbering system worked, for example I have found FG guardsmen with numbers in the range from 1 to 669, but then from 2034 to 2198, and even 3016! It would be very helpful to understand how the numbering system worked (and that would also help answer question 2!) Was there just a single numbering system for the life of FG, or did the numbers start from "001" each 1 January (or perhaps 1 February) each year? If a member served in FG, say in 1942, and was given a number, say 500, would be retain that number if, after serving in Den norske Legion, he returned to FG some time later? I fear there may be confusion with numbers allocated to members of the Poliuce.


hpt (who enjoyed a very happy 1965 in Oslo)


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