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The wreck of Erich Giese is located just outside the marina on Ankenes, 250 meters from land at a depth of sixty to seventy meters. At present it is not permissible to dive on this wreck... but Ocean Discovery, the Scandinavian GUE exploration team, managed to get the first permit ever to dive, explore and video the once so formidable destroyer

Giese took more than 21 direct artillery hits before fire broke loose before she sunk

. Six unhurt German destroyers, among them Erich Giese, raging with fury and vengeance quickly surrounded the British. The violent battle ended with the sinking of the British Destroyer HMS Hunter. 111 sailors followed the ship to the bottom. The British taskforce, now low on ammunition, slipped out from the fjord towards safety. On their way out, they stumbled upon a German ammunition and oil supply ship heading for theNarvik and she was, without further hesitation, sunk. The loss of this particular supply ship would prove to be fatal for the Germans, as they lost badly-needed ammunition reserves. They were now not only short on fuel, but they also lacked means to reload their destroyers.

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